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Services We Offer

At Bryce Gear Inc. we provide custom gear cutting, as well as gear hobbing. As a gear and shaft manufacturer, we provide convenience, dependable products, and excellent customer service.


We are a service industry for machine shops and hobbyists that can duplicate parts, put teeth and splines on your material, or supply the material. We can offer as little as one piece, and as many as 200 pieces.

In addition, we specialize in short-runs and charge an hourly rate of only $60.

Our turnaround time is 10 days or less in most cases. We provide external cutting of spur and helical gears, involute splines and straight sided splines, as well as internal spur gears up to two inches long. Our company offers sources of heat treating, plating, and grinding of your shafts.

Certificates of Compliance

Upon request, we provide all certificates of compliance on materials and processes at a small fee. We hold to a Van Keuren™ measuring method to plus or minus .001 .002 inch. In addition, we provide metric gearing from 96 diametrical pitches, to four diametrical pitches. Our quality control is held to all prints and requests. We can build prototypes to your specifications.